Colour That Defines The Space

What Do You Mean By Colour?

Colour is one of the most exciting raw materials on Earth. Since the beginning of time, people have been using colour to make territory and decorate their surroundings. Using colour paints is a simple and cost-effective way to completely restore and revive any area in the home. Never before has there been such a wide choice of colour in Paints, Wallpaper, Furniture and Fabrics, allowing us to make our own designs and statements with colour.

An Important Step How You Select The Colour According To The Mood & Other Aspects. 

Every room in a house has the ability to evoke a MOOD and an ATMOSPHERE. A soft Green can be used in any room, which makes you feel relaxed and calm, while a bright yellow entrance hall is a warming and uplifting colour. Light and texture can stimulate the senses and awake our emotions. Our homes can become a Haven of mood-enhancing space to calm the soul and refresh the mind.

Did You Know?
How Colours Can Effect Out With Life As Well & Which Colour Says What?

As we know, we are all emotional creatures and the modern world constantly inspires emotions within us. Begin in a forest can make you feel peaceful while sitting in bright yellow café can make you feel stimulated or happy. However, often we are not aware of the effects the visual world has on our senses and our feelings. There are several emotions that certain colour groups have been recognised as inspiring, but the basic principles are worth remembering when deciding on your colour palette like.,

PINKS are fun, lively, positive and famine. REDS are passionate, daring, intimate and comforting, best suitable for Living and Dining. ORANGES stimulate creativity are warming and a cosy, an excellent choice for the Exercise room. YELLOWS are welcoming and sunny and can be also used in kitchens, Dining and Bathrooms, STRONG YELLOWS are said to help the brain work better. GREENS represent nature and are both tranquil and invigorating, as well as restful and balancing. BLUES are connected to the sky and water, and they are associated with clear thinking and calm, meditative environments, often recommended for Bathrooms and Bedrooms. VIOLETS can be stimulating and sexy, while blue violets can be cooling and spiritual. These are a good basis upon which to build ideas.

Moving Forward We Have Principles..!! Whit Which Every Situation Has To Be Followed

With so many more paint colours, application techniques and surfaces available to us today, we can easily go beyond these basic principles like.,

  • All Reds go together, as do all Pinks. Certain shades of red and pink together can be great for a rich, passionate lounge or a pastel, floral bedroom.
  • Soft Oranges are fantastically warming and darker oranges must be used in moderation.
  • Browns look great with Orange, Turquoise and cool Greys are good complementary colours to orange.
  • Yellows go well with Green and Oranges. Blues and Yellows (complementary colours) create a classic interior combination for an upbeat fresh environment.
  • Green is often used as a Neutral colour to balance a room. Certain shades of green, such as soft sage, can go with almost any other colour.
  • Shades of all Blues and Greens are fantastic together at all levels of intensity, from the pale sky and duck egg through to dark inks and peacocks.
  • Shades of Violets can work well together, but maybe too overpowering for most. Violets also look great with Greens, blues violets work well with cool blues, reds, violets look beautiful with soft pinks.
  • Greys and Neutrals mix together well for a classic backdrop of unobtrusive tones, and such “COLOUR LESS” palettes have been popular in the past and continue to be used today. Almost any colour can be mixed with neutrals and greys to create unusual and stunning interiors.


So, here we are to help you to choose the right colour for you, your room and its situation, and then show you how to build a stunning interior design around that colour. Choosing the correct colour scheme for a room can transform a space from a tired living area into a stylish one. The right decisions made early on can have dramatic effects, which will not only impress your friends and family, but could even add value to your property.